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7 & 8Brandwatch is the world’s leading social intelligence company, with world-leading people at the heart of it. Our teams build intelligent software solutions that meet the needs of over 1,200 forward-thinking businesses, including Unilever, Whirlpool, British Airways, Walmart and Dell.
9 & 10InsightzClub is a Marketing technology platform which delivers highly personalized insights by accessing, integrating & analyzing data from multiple data sources to unlock business growth.

23Pikkal & Co helps brands and leaders achieve their business goals through B2B Podcasts. Since 2018, they have worked with leading brands in Asia and produced over 700 podcast episodes.
1 & 2 Rakuten Insight recruits and manages proprietary panels in 12 key Asian markets. Our proprietary panels are actively managed to the highest global standards - when running research using panel from Rakuten Insight you have the peace of mind with knowing who recruited and managed your respondents. In order to ensure consistent, reliable respondents our panels are not available on any aggregation site or marketplace. Combined with our dedicated multi-national/lingual consultants who are specialized in global projects. Rakuten Insight ensures your survey is asking the right questions, to the right people, in the right language. As the pioneer & expert of online research in Asia, Rakuten Insight is dedicated to the continuous quality improvement via various process evolution and technology development. Our panels are unmatched in reliability. A truly successful world class panel goes beyond the prescribed standards by adding value through localization along with application of stringent panel quality control practices and policies. All Rakuten Insight panel is double opt in and proprietary. We take pride in results and strive to continue to provide the highest levels of service to the research community.

28Space Doctors is a globally-recognised brand and business consultancy fuelled by the very best of cultural and semiotic insight. They work internationally across 40+ markets, uncovering global cultural nuance and creating culturally sensitive strategies and executions for markets or regions.