Organisational intelligence – Driving thought leadership in market research through data-driven decisions and collaboration

How can departments work together to deliver insights and drive material outcomes to gain a competitive advantage? What goals should be established to create a data-driven culture? Creating an adaptive enterprise and staying ahead with an automated culture Moderator: Graham Brown, Asia Tech Podcast Panellists: Kevin Kristian, Social Media, Creative Content, and Influencer Marketing Manager, […]

Is “APAC” a Myth in this Digital Diversity?

The term “Asia-Pacific” is a myth that needs to be busted from the minds of marketers and researchers alike. The region stretches from India to Fiji and from Japan to New Zealand, and consist of around 50 countries, each with vastly different cultures, languages, consumer preferences, and mobile behaviour. With the understanding from petabytes of […]

Embracing digital disruption – Integrating research technologies to capture real behaviour

Leveraging new technologies to eliminate traditional research challenges Staying close to consumers through a combination of smart new tools (passive monitoring, geotracking) Integrating technologies to connect with consumers by capturing consumers in-the-moment Monitoring actual behaviours to capture consumers’ actions, not stated responses Using System 1 thinking to capture a truer reflection of consumers’ impression of […]