Is “APAC” a Myth in this Digital Diversity?

The term “Asia-Pacific” is a myth that needs to be busted from the minds of marketers and researchers alike. The region stretches from India to Fiji and from Japan to New Zealand, and consist of around 50 countries, each with vastly different cultures, languages, consumer preferences, and mobile behaviour. With the understanding from petabytes of our data, how we used artificial intelligence and predictive analytics with our unique research methodologies layered over it for the right insights generation. This paper will answer key questions, including:
This paper will answer key questions, including:

  • How is Asia culturally different and cannot be viewed as one region as compared to other regions like Europe which is actually homogenous in nature?
  • Should brands Glocalise or Localise about their products and services in APAC based on technological maturity and individual market behaviour?
  • Why do marketers and researchers need to use the right mix of innovative tech-based research methodologies for actionable insights with the evolving digital behaviour?

Location: Main Room Date: 20th February 2019 Time: 10:15 am - 10:35 am Aditi Bhonsle, Borderless Access