Jason Copland, TNS Myanmar

General Manager

Jason is a senior level business and research director with 20 years’ experience in market and social research. In 1997, he founded his own research company in Myanmar, Compass Research, which was in operation for over 10 years. He returned to the country in 2012 to open TNS Myanmar. He is currently Myanmar country lead for Kantar. His research is cross-sectorial in both private and public affairs sectors, and he has worked for major regional and multinational research companies in Australia, Vietnam and Myanmar.

Jason has built two research companies from the ground up in Myanmar and has strong skills in operational business management. His years of experience in country means that he has a deep understanding of running research in Myanmar and understanding how consumers are responding to current generational changes underway in the country. He is results oriented and adept at examining and improving business efficiency. He has a deep understanding of field operations, as well as both the technical and management skills in data processing.

Jason has broad technical research skills across both qualitative and quantitative research methods. He has conducted a wide range of research approaches for clients including new product development, branding and packaging studies, communications and advertising research solutions to successfully develop and market brands for his clients. In the public affairs sector side he has launched ground-breaking information campaigns (reproductive health; HIV/AIDS; malaria; TB) to help his clients bring about social change in the country. Further, he has been involved in baseline / end line research, mapping of most at risk HIV/AIDS (female sex workers, injecting drug users, men who have sex with men) populations, behaviour change research and developing programme monitoring and evaluation and longitudinal Behaviour Surveillance Surveys and managing national community satisfaction studies. He was an early advocate in Asia for Respondent Driven Sampling methodologies for surveying hard to reach population groups. Jason is skilled in both descriptive and inferential statistics and has developed his own research frameworks and business solutions which he has presented at international seminars and symposiums.

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