Melvin Ng, PRS In Vivo

Senior Research Director

Melvin Ng, is the China Head of PRS IN VIVO, a company that conducts over 1000 research studies annually to help marketers “win at retail” in-store, packaging and ecommerce.

Melvin’s strength is in understanding the big picture within which the package or store must thrive whether it is offline or online. He specializes in helping clients understand the offline and online shopping behavior more through a behavioral economic lens. His ability to keep adapting to the ever changing environment and coming up with applicable solutions for clients are highly valued.

Melvin has more than fifteen years of research experience working on different categories solving different type of business issues. Prior to joining PRS IN VIVO to lead the China office, Melvin also held research positions in Singapore and China across different major research firms such as Synovate, Ipsos, Nielsen and Kantar.

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