Pravin Shekar, MRSI (Market Research Society of India)

Founder, Krea & Vice President

Pravin is a start-up specialist, parallel entrepreneur and a raconteur!
He heads KREA (India’s leading Healthcare research panel) and is a Managing Partner at Guerrilla Marketing consulting firm, Pravin is also an angel/social investor in entities like INS8 (Agile research), CANDO (a BPO, by/for the physically challenged) & KÄSE, a producer of fresh-cheese.
He is the recipient of the “Emerging Leader in Market Research” 4Under40 Award from the American Marketing Association.
Pravin is a Governing Council member of TiE Chennai, the Vice-President of the Market Research Society of India and a Trustee at the Jeevan Stem Cell research center. : Pravin’s first book on Outlier Guerrilla marketing launched in 2016. The book is available across all digital channels and is aimed at bootstrapped entrepreneurs & marketers.
“Speaking” is his alternate career that has taken him to four continents thus far! Pravin speaks on Agile entrepreneurship, Guerrilla marketing and business networking.
Personally, Pravin loves traveling, cycling, networking and photography. Chennai is his home where he lives with his wife, two daughters and two dogs! He recently won the Grand Prize in the National Geographic Traveler – Uttarakhand Tourism competition and his images have been published in NatGeo Traveler and Lonely Planet India.

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